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People have been admiring the lush and vibrant brilliance of May for centuries. This season comes with vitality, from blooming flowers to the vivid green hues that sends the signal of the imminent arrival of summers.

Emerald, May's birthstone, stands as the gem of gems, perfectly embodying the essence of summers.

Cherished by iconic figures such as Angelina Jolie and Elizabeth Taylor, emeralds also known to have a legendary history linked to Cleopatra and Venus, originating from ancient Egyptian mines.

However, due to the troubling history of earth-mined emeralds, particularly from Colombia's Muzo and Chivor mines characterized by unfair labor practices and violence, number of people are opting lab-grown alternatives.

It is not only eco-friendly and sustainable gem, but affordable and durable too. So, without compromising with beauty, you are getting same quality. A number of reasons account for this shift in preference from lab grown emeralds to mined ones.

Here we have important reasons to help you understand: -

  1. Lab Grown Emerald are Real Gems:

    Lab-created emeralds are identical to their mined counterparts in every aspect, be it chemical composition, physical appearance and optical properties. They are authentic gems which have same beauty and same hue like naturally-mined emeralds.

    So, people who doubt its authenticity, should check its formation process, which depicts replicating the similar conditions like mined ones, in laboratory. Flux method of growing lab emeralds is quite identical to naturally-mined emerald extraction process.

  2. Go Green with Lab Emeralds:

    If you are choosing lab created emeralds that means you are making an environmental friendly choice. Natural emerald formation process involves a number of anti-environmental activities like soil erosion, loss of habitat, emission of harmful gases, etc.

    Man made emerald formation process leaves a significantly lower environmental impact than traditional mining process. Natural emerald mining to a great extent destroys the land and uses up a lot of water and energy. Large machinery involved in making pits disturbs natural ecosystem and wildlife to a great scale.

    Besides this emission of greenhouse gasses and production of large wastes in the natural emerald formation process, makes lab created emerald a nature friendly choice.

  3. Save Your Greens with Emerald Green:

    Lab grown emeralds are more affordable than their naturally-mined counterparts. Fewer manpower and less resources involved in creation of these lab green gems, make them more affordable. So these gems can be purchased without breaking the bank.

    Other reason that accounts for the difference in prices of these forms of emeralds is related to their supply and formation process. Continuous and abundant supply of these emeralds grown in labs, lowers their price too. On the other hand natural emeralds mined are becoming rare, which is accelerates their price. Less time required in formation of lab emeralds is also one of the contributing factor in reducing their prices.

    Difference in price increases with increasing size of emerald. Price is undeniably a strong deciding factor in purchasing anything. But besides getting your gemstone at cost-effective prices, you are not at all compromising with quality, that’s the big thing. That means your larger emerald of high quality will be equivalent to smaller size mined emerald.

  4. Lab Grown Emeralds are Best Quality Emeralds:

    Quality wise lab grown emeralds are quite better. Most important reason for this is that these gems are created carefully in controlled laboratory settings under the supervision of experts.

    Required conditions of temperature and pressure are maintained in lab to produce a crystal of required size and quality.

    Best part of these stones is no digging or pulling is involved, which reduces the chance of any flaws or inclusions. While the laboratory stones have few to no flaws offering better clarity, that eventually results in better quality.

  5. Lab Grown Emeralds are More Accessible:

    Lab grown emeralds are easily accessible in comparison to mined emeralds, which take million of years to form. A wider audience is enjoying the beauty of emeralds in different jewelry pieces.

    Here are some of the reasons: -

    • Cost-effective prices: A wide range of buyers could not enjoy the luxury of owning emerald gemstones, due to high costs of natural emeralds. Lab created emeralds are affordable, as discussed, so buyers considering budget on priory would love this man-made creation.

    • Less formation time: Lab created emeralds are produced in just weeks or months. While for natural emeralds take years.

    • Consistent production: Lab created emeralds are consistently produced and this is helping manufacturers and buyers to a great extent. A stable supply of these created gems ensures their availability in the market. Preferred gemstone’s sizes, color and clarity are produced continuously. Design flexibility is empowering jewelers to experiment with these lab gems, resulting in production of creative pieces.

  6. Lab Grown Emeralds are Durable:

    Lab-grown emeralds, longevity and resistance to scratches or damage, ensures that these gems are highly durable. With a little care these gemstones can last for life. This means you don't have to keep your emerald jewelry for special occasions, you can wear them with your day to day outfits.

    Technical reason behind this durability is the flawless nature of the stone, which is due to strong atomic structure. Chances of wear and tear in lab grown emeralds are less, because less cleavage points are noticed.

  7. Lab Grown Emeralds are Conflict free:

    Earth-mined emeralds, may come with ethical concerns related to conflict minerals, which makes it a matter of concern. Lab Emeralds are produced in controlled laboratory environments, free from the ethical concerns associated with mining practices like natural emeralds.

  8. Lab Grown Emeralds are Future Generation Emeralds:

    Less formation time and consistent production of lab-grown emeralds as discussed above are meeting the growing demand of markets.

    Like other fields we expect an advancement in this technology too. This lab process is not at all dependent on natural conditions and is truly reliable, assuring us about continual production of these stones. Through ongoing researches an enhancement in color, cut and overall quality of the stone is also expected.

  9. Lab Grown Emerald Jewelry is a Perfect Gift for May Born Babies:

    Lab grown emerald jewelry that offers vivid hue can be an amazing gift for people born in May. Brilliance and beauty of this lab created gem can be best experienced in different styles of rings, earrings, necklaces, etc. You can also look for customized option to get a gemstone of preferred size or shape in a particular setting.

    They hold similar sentimental value as of natural emeralds and are considered for growth, love and prosperity. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, or any special occasion, your lab-grown emerald jewelry gift is sure to make the recipient feel special.

Wrapping Up:

Lab-grown emeralds have a number of benefits over the natural emeralds, making them the ultimate choice for May birthstones. They are not only eco-friendly and sustainable, but also provide identical beauty and quality without the ethical concerns associated with traditional mining practices. More accessibility, durability and consistent production of these lab created emeralds, offer a wider audience the opportunity to enjoy their exclusive green hue in various jewelry pieces.

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