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Lab grown diamond market is flourishing, especially the HPHT (High Pressure High Temperature) diamonds, are becoming very popular.

Previously we knew only traditional diamonds, but now lab-grown ones have added a new dimension to what we know about diamonds.

So, lets talk about everything that we should know about HPHT diamonds.

Why named HPHT diamonds?

First things first, lab grown diamonds are usually prepared by two different methods High pressure high temperature and chemical vapor deposition method.

Based on this High pressure high temperature method, diamonds are named HPHT diamonds. They differ only in their origin, quality and appearance wise they are similar to mined ones.

HPHT and CVD diamond formation processes involve changing the original form into a form that is more suitable. Cutting and polishing is much easier in this new form.

What are HPHT Diamonds?

High pressure and High temperature diamonds, are diamonds cultivated by replicating natural diamond process conditions in laboratory. This HPHT method involves subjecting carbon to high pressure and high temperature conditions to transform it into diamond.

These lab-created diamonds are similar to their natural counterparts in every aspect, whether its molecular or physical. They offer the same brilliance and appeal in your jewelry piece that you expect from traditional diamonds.

HPHT diamonds, or High-Pressure High-Temperature diamonds, are durable and versatile in terms of color and clarity grades. These diamonds are produced using advanced technology to meet the increasing demand within the diamond sector.

Science Involved in HPHT Diamonds

The science behind HPHT (High-Pressure High-Temperature) diamond production lies in replicating extreme conditions similar to those encountered in the natural diamond mining process. Process involves conversion of carbon-heavy gasses into plasma through vacuum chambers.

Step by Step HPHT Process:

  1. To initiate the process a high-quality diamond seed crystal is placed in vacuum chamber along with carbon.

  2. Next step involves exposing seed crystal to high temperature around 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit and pressure of about 1.5 million PSI (pounds per square inch) to cultivate similar diamonds like mined ones.

  3. Carbon in the chamber melts to form a diamond around the seed.

  4. This process continues for weeks that results in the formation of a rough diamond.

  5. These rough diamonds are cooled and then passed for cutting and polishing. Using high end technology they are shaped to beautiful gems.

HPHT Diamonds are Good as Natural Diamonds

HPHT diamonds are similar to natural diamonds in every aspect - physical, chemical and optical. They offer same brilliance like traditional diamonds and are durable too. They stand on the same grade on Mohs scale.

So, HPHT diamonds are offering everything that we expect from natural diamonds.

Besides this, there are a number of other things that make them better option. Natural diamond formation process completes in billion of years. And it requires extreme conditions of pressure and temperature. Any change in climatic condition can hamper the process.

While HPHT diamonds are produced within months. Unaffected by any change in climate conditions, these can be produced in weeks.

Versatile nature of these gemstones is helping artisans to design amazing jewelry pieces in different styles and patterns.

HPHT Diamonds are Real Diamonds

HPHT diamonds or synthetic diamonds are authentic gems that are trending the jewelry industry. They are without any doubt real diamonds as they have same chemical composition, same physical appearance and same optical behavior.

They possess the desirable traits of traditional diamonds and undergo rigorous testing for authenticity. These genuine diamonds produced through advanced technology offer ethical and sustainable options without compromising on quality or beauty.

Why You Should Consider Buying HPHT Diamonds?

Diamonds are forever choice of all women as both jewelry pieces and cherished heirlooms.

Whether it's a diamond engagement ring or a set of diamond wedding bands, they have remained popular throughout the ages.

You may invest in diamonds for some obvious reasons, but there are a few other important reasons that might be considered as well such as:

  • HPHT Diamonds are Eco-friendly and Sustainable Choice:

    HPHT diamonds are not mined, so no digging of the earth’s crust or wastage of resources is involved in their formation. This makes them a better choice than natural ones, which disrupts the ecosystem.

  • Price:

    HPHT diamonds do not carry premium price tags, they are less expensive than natural diamonds. Compared to CVD diamonds, HPHT diamonds often provide a larger stone of excellent quality at a more accessible price point. This affordability, coupled with their eco-friendly nature, makes HPHT diamonds increasingly popular among environmentally conscious consumers.

  • Conflict free diamonds:

    HPHT lab grown diamonds offer a transparent and ethical alternative to mined diamonds, They are conflict free and ensure responsible sourcing practices. With HPHT diamond purchase you are supporting sustainable jewelry innovation.

  • Fewer Impurities and Better Quality:

    Grown in Labs under controlled conditions, HPHT diamonds allow for precise control over their composition and quality. No disturbance of climatic conditions, enables production of high quality pure stones that have less impurities.

  • HPHT Diamonds are Future generation Diamonds:

    Because regular diamonds are getting rarer, people are getting more interested in lab-grown ones. These synthetic diamonds are consistently produced, and are just as good as the real ones. HPHT diamonds promise environmental responsibility and timeless elegance, making them the choice of the upcoming generation.

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