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When it comes to gemstone rings, settling for just one isn't enough. Agreed?

You shouldn't settle too, given that we have ten different fingers, each can be adorned with a unique creation.

And now, with lab-created gemstones, enjoying a variety of shapes and styles is easier than ever. These affordable pieces are not only Eco-friendly but also ethical.

So here, we have discussed some of the popular shapes and styles of lab-created gemstone rings, that everyone would love to have.

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Before that let’s discuss a Little About Why Lab Created Gemstone Rings are becoming popular

Lab-created gemstone rings, whether sparkling or vibrant, are flourishing in the market. Buyers are increasingly considering them as good options for both their big and small days, this is all because of the special features they offer.

Consistent production of these man-made gemstones has helped buyers enjoy a variety. They are not only available in a diverse range of colors and cuts but also assure in terms of ethical sourcing and environmental sustainability. Besides this, their cost-effective prices in comparison to natural gemstones are appealing and are gathering the attention of the masses.

As a result, they're becoming a popular choice for those seeking affordable luxury without compromising on beauty or conscience.

Popular Styles in Lab-Grown Gemstone Rings:

  1. Halo Rings: Halo setting in rings is one of the most popular styles of rings. This setting features a center lab-created gemstone encircled by a halo of smaller accent stones, typically diamonds or other gemstones. The created halo of lab-grown gemstones adds a sparkle to the ring design.

    Halo Rings

    There can be a lot of variation in these types of settings. Sometimes, the center stone is a large diamond encircled by a halo of smaller diamonds, while other times, it may be a colored gemstone such as Emerald or Ruby, surrounded by small diamonds.

    The halo serves as an extension, enhancing the appearance of the central gemstone, and making it appear larger and more radiant.

  2. Solitaire Rings: Solitaire rings have a single large lab-grown gemstone stealing all the attention with its shape and size. These are timeless and elegant rings that can be easily carried on day to day basis.

    Solitaire Rings

    The ring features a lab-created gemstone set on a band, often with a prong, bezel, or claw setting.

    Solitaire lab grown gemstone rings can showcase various gemstone shapes, such as round, oval, pear, or princess cut. And if you just want to put all your love in it you can choose heart-shaped solitaire rings.

    This is a classic style that has been in trend for years.

  3. Three-Stone Rings: These rings are named for the three stones they feature, positioned closely together. They hold special significance for couples, often representing the past, present, and future of their relationship.

    Three-stone Rings

    There can be a variation in three-stone rings. Most of the time, all three stones are of equal size, creating a balanced look. Sometimes, the center stone is larger, adorned by two smaller stones on the sides.

    Besides this there can be a difference in choice of stones too; while some people go for traditional diamonds, others may choose colored gemstones.

    Extra sparkle created with the combination of these stones makes them a good choice for brides.

  4. Vintage-Inspired Rings: Vintage-inspired rings like their name are ancient designs crafted with a modern touch. Filigree detailing, miligrain work, nature-inspired motifs, and floral halos, are some of the features that add this vintage feeling.

    Vintage-Inspired Rings

    These artistic rings marry old and new styles beautifully. If you love royal pieces with rich history, then you should check our vintage-inspired lab-grown rings collection.

  5. Eternity Bands: The entire circumference of the metal band is crafted with a continuous loop of lab-created gemstones. This special design sparkles from every angle.

    Eternity Bands

    Extra sparkle added with stones symbolizes never-ending love and commitment.

    The unique design of eternity bands makes them a favorite choice for special occasions like anniversaries or good wedding bands too.

  6. Cluster Rings: Cluster design in rings features a central stone (diamond or colored gemstone) encircled by smaller stones. Most of the time central stone is larger in comparison to the surrounding stones. Sometimes it can be of equal size too. The encircling stones can be arranged in one or two rows.

    Cluster Rings

    All stones together form one focal point which is a cluster. If you are looking for an affordable option for a large diamond solitaire ring, then a cluster ring can be a perfect fit.

  7. Stackable Rings: Different rings worn together on the same finger, giving a complete look are stackable rings. Also called layering rings, they are available in various shapes, sizes, and colors.

    Stackable Rings

    This versatile and creative ring style is in trend and people are choosing them for their big occasions like engagement and wedding. While styling with these rings, choose a focus finger for the best results.

    Tips: While selecting stackable rings:

    • Choose rings matching in style.

    • For a comfortable fit, select thin rings.

    • Make sure there are no gaps in between rings, they fit each other completely.

Popular Shapes and Cuts in Lab Grown Gemstone Rings

Popular Shapes and Cuts in Lab Grown Gemstone Rings
  1. Round Shape Lab Grown Gemstone Rings

    The most common, popular, and classic shape of gemstones which we know from times is round shape, this can be also called round-brilliant cut. No doubt, it is the most preferred choice, when it comes to lab grown gemstones.

    No other shape can match round shapes' sparkle and brilliance. These primary stones have symmetrical shape and feature 58 facets, that help in light reflection.

    More than 50% of diamond engagement rings are round in shape and they command higher per carat value in comparison to other shapes.

  2. Oval Shape Lab Grown Gemstone Rings

    Often called a modified brilliant cut, due to its cutting style adopted from the original round brilliant cut. It's a romantic and feminine choice that was intervened in the early 1960’s.

    Oval shape lab grown gemstones are having their moment in the sun, and we can see their spark on red carpets and big events.

    There are a number of advantages of choosing this shape, like rings adorned with these shapes look appealing and larger. This elongated shape looks larger than round and fingers adorned with these look flattering.

  3. Princess cut  Lab Grown Gemstone Rings

    Princess cut gemstones in square shape are for royalty lovers. It is the third most popular choice among couples for their special occasions.

    They don't share a long history, intact they have gained considerable popularity in less time. Previously popular as square gemstones,  they can be rectangular too. Starlight edges and sharp corners of the stone make them an appealing choice for special events.

  4. Emerald-cut Lab Grown Gemstone Rings

    Sparkling with elegance emerald-cut in lab-grown gemstones is the next popular choice. the name originated in the 1500’s, as a method adopted for cutting green stone emeralds.

    This shape basically features rows of long parallel facets and has cropped corners, that “step” in toward a large, flat center facet. A flashing optical effect is created by these step facets which reflect and refract light from each other.

  5. Cushion-cut Lab Grown Gemstone Rings

    Appearing like a pillow, a cushion cut of lab-grown gemstones is among the latest cuts that became popular in the 18th century. Basically, it was developed from the old mine cut and has rounded edges and curves.

    Cushion-cut Lab Grown stones are mostly squarish or semi-circular in shape and offer a brilliant appeal to stone.

  6. Pear Shape Lab Grown Gemstone Rings

    A unique combination of the round brilliant and marquise cut, with tapering round edges, is a pear-shaped design. This also records its presence in the mid-15th century.  Sometimes referred to as teardrops these shapes are quite in trend nowadays. And their beautiful cuts and symmetry add a wow factor to the piece.

  7. Marquise-cut Lab Grown Gemstone Rings

    Because of this shape previously The marquise cut was also popular as "navette" or "little boat". This versatile shape offers an elongated appearance to the stone.

    Its history is quite interesting and was named due to its silhouette resembling the lips of the Marquise de Pompadour, compared to cuts this shape looks more larger, but it is less popular.

  8. Trillion Cut Lab Grown Gemstone Rings

    Trillion Cut Diamonds are among the newest cuts in diamonds and it is popular in almost all gemstones too. They have gained much popularity due to their comparable brilliance to round brilliants.

    Three equilateral sides of the stone form a triangular shape which has sharp corners and is popular as trillion cut. No matter whether you choose a trillion-cut solitaire gemstone or a pair of trillion-cut gemstones as side stones, both will offer you a brilliant sparkle. Trillion-cut lab-grown gemstone engagement rings are a perfect fit for your big day as they maximize carat weight and have a distinct triangular shape.

  9. Heart Shape Lab Grown Gemstone Rings

    Heart Shape Lab-grown gemstone rings are designed for those who love to express their emotions and commitment. This is simply a modification of pear shape in which a cleft is added at the top.

    Since love has no age, a heart-shaped gemstone is also among the oldest shapes of stones, which is popular till now and will for sure trend in the future too.

Wrapping Up

No matter what is your reason for choosing lab-grown gemstone rings,  one thing is sure you are making a great deal.  This Eco-friendly and sustainable gemstone is an affordable option offering the same brilliance. Round and oval are popular for ages, but recently added shapes are also offering the best. Halo or Solitaire, vintage or three stone, all have their charm that is going to stay for long. So, no matter whatever style or shape you choose in your lab-grown gemstone ring, you will get the same spark.

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