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Blue sapphire engagement ring, records a royal history and continues to trend even today in the jewelry sector.

Popularity of this gemstones combined ring continues to grow from Mary of Burgundy's choice in the 15th century to Queen Victoria's selection in the 19th century, and now with Kate Middleton.

Lab-created sapphires are environmental friendly, sustainable and affordable which further adds to their beauty and appeal.

And this is the reason that leaves people wondering whether to go for a lab-created blue sapphire engagement ring or not.

With technology getting better each day, lab-made blue sapphires look very much like the real gems, which can make your decision tricky.

So, here we have some pointers to consider before you come to any decision.

A Quick Recap on Comparison between Natural and Created Sapphire

Created sapphires are similar to the mined ones in every aspect. Rich hue of sapphire is similar in mined and laboratory ones, so expect the same brilliance in both.

Chemical composition and optical properties of both stones are same. Two sapphires which are identical in their appearance differ in their formation process. Natural sapphires mined from earth’s crust, are cut and polished to be used as jewel pieces while lab stones are cultivated under the supervision of experts and then cut and polished.

Choose Lab Created Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring only if :

  • You are Looking for Better Prices:

    Natural sapphires are more expensive than lab-created ones due to logical reasons. These stones take millions of years to come on the surface and involve a significant amount of resources. Therefore, they carry a premium price tag. Opting for a lab-created blue sapphire engagement ring can be an ideal choice if affordability is your priority.

  • You Love Sustainable Pieces:

    Mining footprint of created sapphires is very low to none, because they are created in laboratories. So, no digging, no soil erosion, no emission of harmful gasses makes them a great choice in terms of environmental sustainability.

  • You Don’t want To Compromise with Quality and Purity:

    Lab-grown sapphires are cultivated in optimized conditions in a controlled environment. Compared to their natural counterparts, they have fewer impurities and inclusions. Therefore, these stones possess more clarity and shine, qualities that are highly appreciated in gemstones.

  • You Enjoy Discovering Variety:

    Lab-grown sapphires are cut into different shapes to produce an amazing variety of stones, which can be designed in various styles. Additionally, these created stones can be produced in larger sizes than what we can expect from mined sapphires.

  • You are A Jewelry Enthusiast :

    If you are jewelry enthusiast then lab sapphires deserves to be in your list, you won’t be able to resist vibrant shades produced, amazing designs at cost-effective prices. You get a wide range of options that are classy as well as trendy.

What Options You can Explore?

Lab-grown sapphire rings exude both beauty and elegance. When considering an engagement ring, the options are diverse, spanning from classic to contemporary. A solitaire ring featuring a lab-created blue sapphire can signify boldness, while a minimalist design can express refined taste.

Furthermore, you can explore vintage-inspired, Art Deco, designer, and various other styles to find the perfect match for your preferences. Explore our curated collection of best lab grown sapphire engagement rings to get a perfect pick.

Wrapping Up:

Lab created sapphire engagement rings are sustainable and eco-friendly choice, besides being beautiful and royal. High quality blue sapphire stone in amazing size and colors is durable and affordable too. Like mined sapphire engagement ring, these lab grown rings offer the same appeal and brilliance. Considering these parameters you can decide whether lab grown sapphire engagement ring, matches your style and preferences or not.

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