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Let’s be Honest, the first thing that comes in mind while selecting an engagement ring is, it should be BIGGER. Why?

Because, a bigger impact often comes with a bigger ring. Right!

However, it's crucial to understand that a bigger ring doesn’t necessarily mean a higher carat weight, a wider band, or simply a solitaire setting. Instead, it entails a number of other things like selecting a proper cut, right band, etc.

Whether you are planning for colored gemstone engagement ring or the one adorned with diamonds, selecting a proper gemstone cut is most important.

Check out some essential tips that can help you make your engagement ring appear larger and more striking:

  1. Focus on Excellent Cut Instead Of Carat Weight

    When selecting an engagement ring, we prioritize higher carat weight, assuming it to be the most important. However, this should not be a priority. Because the quality of gemstone ring depends largely on the brilliance of its stone, which is determined by its cut.

    Focus on Excellent Cut Instead Of Carat Weight

    The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and other reputable labs grade, cuts as fair, good, very good, or excellent. An excellent cut grade indicates that the stone efficiently reflects most of the light that falls on it, owing to properly cut facets. Additionally, an excellent cut exhibits outstanding symmetry and polish.

    An excellent cut of the stone ensures that the stone's facets are precisely aligned to maximize its brilliance and fire. This attention to detail results in a ring that captivates with its sparkle, regardless of its carat weight.

    By prioritizing an excellent cut over carat weight, you can invest in a ring that not only dazzles with its visual appeal but also maintains its value over time.

  2. Right Stone Shape Selection

    The next step after selecting an excellent cut is choosing the right stone shape, which plays a crucial role in the overall appearance of your ring.

    A round shape, when combined with an excellent cut, maximizes the light performance, resulting in a sparkling and visually larger gemstone.

    Other shapes such as oval, marquise, emerald, cushion, and pear also create a similar effect due to their elongated forms. Currently trending, Oval and pear shapes, are quite popular, offering a unique opportunity to stand out like celebrities.

  3. Look for Colored Gemstone Options

    Colored gemstone jewelry is on-trend, and you can easily find a variety of stylish colored engagement rings today. These colorful gemstone rings offer a unique flair, besides being budget-friendly alternatives to traditional engagement rings. Colored gemstones like emeralds, sapphires, aquamarines, morganites, and many more are available to choose from.

  4. Choose a Thin Band

    If you're considering a wide band for its bold appeal, it might not be the best choice. The setting or band size can significantly alter the appearance of the ring.

    Opting for a thin band with minimized surrounding elements can enhance the size of the diamond, thereby maximizing the overall appearance of the ring.

  5. Choose a Halo or Cluster Setting

    Another important tip to make engagement rings not only look bigger but also add sparkle is opting for a halo setting. This involves accents of smaller stones encircling the larger center stone.

    Selecting a delicate halo can enhance the stone and provide an extension to it.

    Another option for a big sparkle is a -three-stone ring, which shines with multiple sparkles, spreading a louder appeal.

    A cluster setting is also a wonderful option for choosing a big engagement ring. For a perfect solitaire illusion, small gemstones or diamonds are closely placed together.

  6. Pay Attention to the Number of Prongs

    Choose 4 prong setting instead of 6, as more prongs mean more obstruction to the diamond. Fewer prongs means more light enters the stone, enhancing the sparkle and visibility of the stone.

    A four prong ring setting allows the diamond to look a bit larger, overall adding the bigger appeal we are looking for.

  7. Explore Lab Grown Stones for Wiser Options

    Lab grown diamonds or colored gemstones are emerging as an eco-friendly and sustainable choice in engagement rings.

    These created gemstones are identical to their natural counterparts in every aspect be it chemical, physical and optical. They offer the same brilliance and appeal at cost-effective prices, this reason adds to their growing popularity.

    Without stretching your budget you can get a larger and impactful stone, if you choose these shining or colored lab gems.

Wrapping Up:

To make your engagement ring look larger and appealing, prioritize an excellent cut that maximizes brilliance and sparkle. Round shape or elongated shapes like oval or pear, paired with a thin band enhances the gemstone's size. Other tips include considering colored gemstones for a unique flair. A four-prong setting can be a better option for larger look. And a larger lab-grown stone of high quality can be chosen at the same price instead of small size natural stone. Keep your ring clean to maintain its polished appearance and maximize its visual impact.

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