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Buying Lab Grown Diamond Rings

Lab-grown diamond rings are without any doubt a cost-effective and sustainable alternative to natural diamond rings and so they are gaining popularity too. Amazing ring designs of lab grown diamonds with the same quality and beauty as mined diamonds are fascinating and an ethical choice.

Let’s talk about lab grown diamonds:
Lab Grown Diamonds are created in a controlled laboratory environment using advanced technology processes that have the same conditions under which natural diamonds are formed in the Earth’s mantle. These lab-grown diamonds can be formed with two methods: High-Pressure High-Temperature (HPHT) and Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD).

Why You Should Buy Lab Grown Diamond Rings?

First and most importantly choosing lab grown diamonds is an ethical and eco-friendly decision. It's a unique way of expressing individuality. You get a chance to adore a jewelry piece of your kind. You get the same sparkle and brilliance as mined diamonds at a cost-effective price. Carry the same glamour and shine like traditional diamonds with these beautiful and luxurious pieces.

Lab Grown Diamonds are Future Generation Diamonds and their craze among the young consumers is also growing. Driven by its environmental and ethical benefits, people are increasingly drawn to this fascinating industry. With improvements in technology, we expect better quality and quantity of these man-made gems, so obviously they have a bright future ahead.

4Cs Of Lab Grown Diamond Rings

When selecting a lab grown diamond, you should always consider the 4Cs - Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat weight. These factors determine the overall appearance and value of the lab grown diamond.

CUT: It refers to how well the lab grown diamond has been faceted and shaped. A well-cut lab-grown diamond has a superior sparkle and brilliance.

COLOR: Lab Grown Diamonds are graded on a scale from D (colorless) to Z (light yellow and brown). Colorless diamonds are quite rare and more of a valuable one. Diamonds that are out of this range are considered ‘fancy colored diamonds’.

CLARITY: Clarity refers to the absence of internal inclusions and surface blemishes on a diamond. This clarity scale can range from flawless to included. Higher-clarity diamonds have a few imperfections.

CARAT WEIGHT: Carat is a measurement unit that describes a diamond’s weight. People do get confused, that a diamond carat refers to the size of a stone, but it denotes the weight of the diamond.

Choose your Lab Grown Diamond Ring from Vibrant Grown Labs

Looking for a lab grown diamond ring for your big day or your special someone, then just check out these pointers.

Select your Ring through your Style Type:

If you are a little aware of the trending styles, select your option and find a perfect piece, like:

Classic: Classic lab grown diamond rings are timeless and elegant pieces, featuring a single, stunning diamond set on a metal band with additional stones on the sides to enhance the beauty.

Designer: Designer lab grown diamond rings are unique styles crafted with intricate details by skilled artisans.

Halo: Halo lab grown diamond rings are surrounded by a circle of smaller accent stones, usually diamonds, to enhance the center stone’s sparkle. This style of ring appears more radiant and larger.

Minimal: Minimal lab grown diamond rings are simple and cleanly designed rings with no heavy detailing like other styles. They mostly feature unexpected diamond and band shapes.

Nature Inspired: Nature-inspired lab grown diamond rings draw inspiration from flowers, leaves, sun, moon, etc. These are basically for nature enthusiasts.

Solitaire: An enormous single diamond Stone is the focal point of this lab grown diamond solitaire ring. The center stone and its ultimate shine on the metal is the heart of this style.

Statement: If you love to mark your presence anywhere, then statement lab grown diamond rings are for you. Bold and big diamond stones placed artistically to make an appealing effect are the heart of this style.

Select your Ring through Gemstone Shape:

If you are particular about the shape of diamond in your ring, then here we have some popular diamond shapes, that shine the most.

Oval: Oval shaped lab grown diamond ring is an appealing jewelry piece that offers a slimming effect on the wearer’s finger with lots of sparkle.

Pear: Pear shape lab grown diamond rings are unique choices, because of the larger shape of the stone, which creates a dazzling effect when accentuated with other stones.

Princess Cut: The second most popular diamond cut in engagement rings is the princess cut, as it offers maximum brilliance of the gem in this cut.

Round: Round shape lab grown diamond ring is a popular choice trendy till now from generations. Perfectly aligned facets offer outshining brilliance to this diamond shape.

After picking up your favorite shape, make sure that it’s certified and Vibrant Grown Labs provides a certificate of authenticity with every product.

Care and Maintenance

Regular cleaning is very essential to maintain your lab grown diamond’s brilliance. Prepare a mix of mild soap and water, soak your ring in that solution for around 10 to 15 minutes, and use a soft-bristled toothbrush to clean your ring. Clean at least twice a month. Avoid the harsh chemicals that can damage the metal setting.

It’s important to store your lab grown diamond ring in a soft pouch or a velvet-lined jewelry box to prevent any scratches and diamonds from other pieces of jewelry.

Even a periodical checkup is a good idea, have your ring inspected by a professional jeweler to ensure the setting is secure and there is no damage caused to the diamond.