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Traditional colored gemstone mining process takes millions of years to complete which is why they struggle to meet the growing demand in jewelry market. Lab grown diamond and it’s growing craze reflected it’s increasing utility in various sectors.

And this all together ignites our curiosity, prompting us to wonder:

Can colored lab grown gemstones also be produced?

This can be considered as a thoughtful question, as colored gemstones such as Emeralds, Sapphires, Rubies, etc. have been trending worldwide.

Buyers are looking for alternatives to their traditional stones not only for their day to day wear, but for their special occasions too. Something blue for wedding and vibrant Rubies for anniversaries are quite popular.

Hence, a quick response to this question has to be a big YES!

And here we are to help you with every detail that needs to highlighted.

Lets dig into the reason that emphasizes in choosing lab grown colored gemstones

People now-a-days are preferring lab grown gemstones, because of their eco-friendly and affordable nature. A number of other valid reasons like high quality and identical brilliance account for this shift in preference.

Lab grown stones prepared by replicating the same conditions like mined stones are a better choice that involve no ethical concerns and offer the same appeal. Whether you choose a colored or colorless stone from labs, you are making a great deal.

History Of their Creation

Creation of lab grown colored gemstones began in the late 1800s, as gemstone jewelry lovers were always in the hunt of collection. But, due to long process of formation of natural stones, they had to wait. Hundreds of years ago a number of processes were practiced for creation of identical stones like the mined ones. This led to the creation of first synthetic colored gemstone which resembled natural stone in every aspect.

The very first created colored lab grown gemstone was Ruby. But, they were not used for the jewelry world, instead they were opted for industrial practices. Later other gemstones were manufactured.

The best part was these crystals were extremely clear and had amazing gorgeous hues. Soon consumers were provided with every needed information that can help them know what they are buying.

Technology Involved in Their Production

Advanced technologies in the field on materials science and engineering were applied for the creation of lab grown colored gemstones. Every specific stone is produced through a specific method.

Here we have discussed some common methods:

  1. Hydro-thermal Growth: This scientific process involving extreme conditions that is high pressure and temperature; is done in aqueous solution in labs. Mostly emeralds and aquamarines grow best through this method.

  2. Flame Fusion: Also popular as Verneuil process, and involves melting and solidifying process for formation of corundum. Created Rubies and Sapphires are generally produced through this technology.

  3. Czochralski Process: A single stone is formed by pulling a seed crystal from molten solution. Mostly used for synthesizing material crystals of rubies and sapphire.

  4. Flux Growth: At high temperature chemical components in the molten flux are dissolved to produce gems. Besides sapphires, ruby, emerald, and spinel, color changing stone that is Alexandrite, is also produced through this process. It’s a little expensive way of gemstone creation.

Wrapping Up:

Natural colored gemstone takes million of years to reach market from earth’s crust. Since this process takes much longer time, making it unable to meet the growing demand and turning these gemstones into rare finds. Thanks to the advanced technologies, that lab created colored gemstones, which are identical to mined gemstones in every aspect - be it physical or chemical or optical can be produced in labs today.

Hydro-thermal Growth, Flame Fusion, Czochralski Process, Flux Growth, etc. are the different processes through which they are created in controlled conditions in labs. These lab created colored gemstones are eco-friendly, sustainable, high quality gemstones available at cost-effective prices.

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