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Colored gemstones have been cherished since centuries for their beauty and symbolic meanings. Their fascinating history remains a trend even in the present day.

However, a significant difference contributing to their current popularity, is the cultivation of colored gemstones in laboratories by experts.

Previously, while these gemstones were admired so much, they were not abundant, and not everyone could cherish them. Thanks to cutting-edge technology, we now have easy access to a plethora of amazing colorful options suitable for any purpose.

Yes, we have Lab Grown Colored Gemstones today!

Gemstones similar in physical, molecular and emotional appeal to their natural counterparts. But ecologically and affordability wise they are very different. And there are a number of other factors that makes them different, which adds to their growing popularity.

Let’s check out the top reasons. But, before that let’s understand Lab Grown Colored Gemstones and the Big Three of them.

  • Lab-created Colored Gemstones:

    Lab-created colored gemstones are man-made gemstones in controlled conditions using equipment. These certified colored gemstones are optically and chemically identical to their natural counterparts, but they are not mined.

  • Big Three in Colored Gemstones:

    When it comes to colored gemstones, then sapphires, emeralds, and rubies are the gems that are talked about. Their beauty, rarity and durability is making them popular.

Traits that Make Lab-Grown Colored Gemstones Special

  1. An Eco-friendly option that is also Pocket-friendly

    According to researches for every 1 ct of gemstone production, a considerable area of earth is dug up, that destroys natural habitat and leaves pounds of mineral waste too.

    On the other hand there's no mining, no destruction required to get lab gemstones. Since they are grown in controlled lab conditions under the supervision of experts, these are undoubtedly a eco-friendly and sustainable choice.

    Although lab-grown colored gemstones are identical to natural ones in many aspects, but they cost about 80% lesser than the natural gems.

    This means that you can look for high carat weight gemstones at affordable prices.

    Our amazing range of lab grown gemstones rings, earrings and necklaces is designed to suit every budget and taste.

    Eco-friendly gemstones at affordable prices make lab-grown diamonds a highly compelling choice.

  2. Superior Quality in Less Time

    Natural gemstones, as we all know are becoming rare. Their formation process takes a million of years to complete, which can not meet the growing demand.

    On other hand lab created colored gemstones can be produced in just few weeks or months, depending on the size.

    Lab created gemstones produced under the supervision of experts are flawless and offer excellent color and clarity grades. No impurities and dirt, their exceptional high clarity makes them appealing.

    High clarity and uniform color distribution of these gemstones makes them superior quality gemstone, which is obviously a better choice.

    Finding large size traditional colored gemstones is a little tough, but you can easily find the desired size in lab created colored gemstones.

  3. Ethical Choice that offers Similar Appeal

    Lab grown gemstones are free of any concerns associated with human labor or mining practices. This makes them an ethical choice, which most of us would love to consider.

    Lab-grown colored gemstones offer the same brilliance and appeal like their mined partners.

    Whether you are considering the royal hue in your sapphire ring, or the lush green world in your emerald necklace, you can have it all.

  4. Lab-created Gemstones are Real Gemstones

    Although we've discussed the unique qualities that make lab-grown gemstones appealing. But are they REAL gemstones?

    You might be curious to know, right? Well, YES, they are.

    They are referred as synthetic, but they are genuine in every aspect (physical, molecular etc.) like their natural counterparts.

Wrapping Up

Lab grown colored gemstones are eco-friendly and sustainable alternatives to traditional colored gemstones. These man made colored stones are identical to their natural counterparts in appearance and chemical composition. Without compromising beauty once can get high quality colored gemstones at affordable prices.

So the deal to seal lab grown gemstones for next purchase is real and best.

Go For it!

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