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Have you always been a fan of diamonds and believes no other gemstone can surpass the light they reflect? Well, then you haven’t come across more vibrant and rarer gemstone. Emeralds have been everybody’s favorite since centuries. Why? Because they exhibit such radiant and lush green hues, encapsulating the beauty of fresh nature and known for their association with rebirth, romance, and hope.

Whether you are thinking to pop the question and are on a hunt to purchase a unique engagement ring, or looking for a truly ethical alternative to diamond rings, lab created emeralds are the perfect blend of timeless grace and elegance.

Here in this blog we have everything that you must know before buying lab created emerald rings.

But, Let’s First Understand Why Lab Created emerald Rings instead of Natural Emerald Rings…

Lab created emerald rings are better choice in comparison to naturally-mined ones, here are the reasons:

  1. Lab created emeralds are much more affordable, and are very identical to their natural counterparts in every aspect.

  2. Lab created emeralds are eco-friendly and conflict-free. They are not naturally-mined, so no degradation of natural resources or habitat.

  3. Lab created emeralds are grown in controlled environment, we are aware of the purity and quality of the stone. Less impurities and consistent production is other important factor.

Is lab Created Emerald Ring Right for You? Top Reasons to Buy It!

Absolutely it is!

Beautiful and green charming emerald rings reflect your personality, which is ROYAL!

This May birthstone, is considered as “Jewel of Kings” and symbolizes wealth, vitality, and rejuvenation. So, just with a single jewel piece, you are upgrading your identity. Not convincing enough? let us give you some more reasons: -

  1. Enduring Beauty: Rich green hue of created emerald makes your jewelry beautiful and gathers all the attention whenever and wherever adorned. Unique jewelry piece that reflects enduring beauty.

  2. Symbolism and Meaning: Besides royalty, emeralds are symbol of love, truth, and commitment. Choosing created emerald rings for engagements and anniversary, can be a best way of expressing your emotions.

  3. Offers Versatility: Emerald rings are often chosen for their versatility, that is they can be easily paired with your casual or formal attire. Their rich intense green color looks best in all types of ring designs.

    Not only this; emerald rings embellished with diamonds look truly incredible. Although this single ring is enough for an appealing look, but if you opt to stack it with other stone rings, it will complement well.

  4. Quality Craftsmanship: Lab created emeralds are available in wide range of shapes, colors, sizes and cuts. At Vibrant Grown Labs our skilled artisans and experts take this benefit, by crafting unique pieces with a focus on detail.

What to Consider While Buying Lab Created Emerald rings?

Buying lab created emerald ring will be one of your best decision. It’s a meaningful and cost-effective choice that you will cherish forever. So, its important to make a thoughtful and well-researched selection.

Here we few things that can help you:

  1. Understand the gemstone size

    While selecting a lab created emerald ring, consider your personal style, preference, occasion. Amazing designs from a large emerald stone in a solitaire ring to small stones in minimalist styles are available in these green colored stone ring.

    So choosing a stone will solely depend on your choice as solitaire rings are for statement makers, while small emeralds can offer a timeless beauty for everyday wear.

  2. Check Your Budget

    Although lab created emeralds are affordable, but it is important to keep a check on your budget. As there are chances that the intense green hue of this powerful stone will take away your breath instantly. So determine your budget and proceed accordingly.

  3. Check out Lab Created Emerald Care Guidelines

    Although you have made a thoughtful and well-researched decision and purchased a ring of your choice. But maintaining its brilliance and sparkle is another important task, which you need to work upon. So make sure to get familiar with the guidelines that can help you in maintaining its enduring beauty.

  4. Look for a Certified Dealer

    This one is the most important aspect, one should work upon. Finding a reputable jeweler that ensures created emerald rings quality and offers authentication certificate with all the needed details is necessary.

  5. Consider Customized Option

    If you have some particular shapes in mine, feel free to discuss with the seller or if you have certain requirements in mind. Get your emerald ring in the desired shape of the stone, combination of metal whether in yellow or white gold. Also, always make sure to get the certificate of authenticity of the gemstone used in the making of your purchased ring or any jewelry in general.

How to know that emerald in the ring is lab created? This is not all tough, just check out these few things.

Start with 4c’s evaluation. Carefully identify color, cut and brilliance of emeralds.

Lab created emeralds mostly have uniform rich green color.

These synthetic emeralds are flawless and have higher quality. Another way is checking presence of any chevron-type growth patterns, and gas bubbles inside the stone. You can check for such inclusions through naked eyes or prefer use magnifying glass for a better view.

What can be the Best Style for a Lab Grown Emerald Ring?

An Emerald Ring style whether as a solitaire or surrounded by diamonds or other stones as halo, will go perfect with your different attires. Choosing a one out of them will solely depend on your preference.

Here we have some popular choices that will help you be in spotlight.

  1. Lab Grown Emerald Solitaire Rings

    A single emerald takes the catbird seat on the band in lab grown emerald solitaire ring. This classic and elegant style gathers all the attention with its captivating green hue at the center. Solitaire rings can be the first choice of anyone who loves vibrant and meaningful jewelry. Simply a clean and minimalist design!

  2. Lab Grown Emerald Halo Rings

    Those who look for MORE and MORE, will love this style for sure. A halo setting basically features a center emerald stone surrounded by additional small diamonds or other stones, creating a Halo effect. This appears like an extension and adds an extra sparkle too, that amplifies rings appearance.

  3. Lab Grown Emerald Nature Inspired Rings

    Lab Grown Emerald Nature Inspired Rings are designs inspired by nature. This unique design basically incorporates natural elements like flower, leaf, etc. These elements are integrated in the stone or on the band, to give it a similar appearance.

    These unique rings symbolize growth and renewal and are for those who love to remain connected with the natural world.

Some Of the Best Cuts for Your Emerald Rings

Cut in an emerald stone matters the most. This luminous green gemstone shines at its best, when properly cut. Check out different cuts in emerald rings:

  1. Round Cut: Round cut like other gemstones, is the most popular cut in created emeralds too. This classic cut enhances the brilliance of emerald to its best.

  2. Oval Cut: This cut maximizes gem’s surface, giving an elongated appearance to the stone. One of the trending cuts, which every jewelry enthusiast would love to own.

  3. Princess Cut: Four sharp pointed corners of this cut, give emerald stone a square shape appearance. Princess cut is one of the modern and appealing cuts, that looks best in rings.

  4. Marquise Cut: Boat like shape of this cut is stylish and offers a classic vibe. This popular cut in emeralds is versatile and offers and elongated look to the stone.

  5. Emerald-Cut: An emerald-cut in a lab created emerald ring is gaining much popularity due its distinctive appearance. It basically features an elongated rectangular shape with trimmed corners. The narrow step-cut facets of emerald cut appear like steps or stairs.

Choosing Metal for Your Emerald Ring

The choice of metal greatly influences the overall aesthetic of the ring. Every metal has its own distinct characteristics and creates a visual effect accordingly. So pair them wisely.

  • White Gold: White gold offers a neutral and lustrous appearance to any jewelry and this the reason, emeralds look best, when crafted on them. Vibrant green color of the emerald highlights well with white gold, offering contemporary look to the ting.

  • Yellow Gold: Green hue of emeralds creates an appealing contrast when paired with rich yellow gold. This traditional metal is a classic choice and is known to add a touch of elegance to the emerald piece.

Besides yellow and white gold, silver, platinum and rose gold can also be chosen.

Tips to Care for your Emerald Ring

  • Regular Cleaning: Regular cleaning in a gentle way is necessary for your emerald ring. Use warm water and mild soap and clean it gently with soft brush.

  • Handle it with Care: Protect your ring from wear and tear, by removing it whenever engaging in any labor work or while playing. While removing it, hold it from shank, don’t touch gemstone.

  • Avoid Harsh Chemicals: Take out your emerald ring while swimming or applying creams, lotions or taking bath.

  • Proper Storage: Proper storage is a crucial factor for marinating brilliance of your ring. So store it separately in soft cloth in a jewelry box.

Wrapping Up:

Your lab created emerald ring reflects your loving, caring and royal personality. So it important that you make a well-researched and thoughtful purchase. For this select an authorized jeweler like Vibrant Grown Labs that offers you guarantee of the gemstone. Not only this we will be your guide in this ring selection journey, till you get a perfect piece of your choice. Just explore our variety of emerald rings through their designs, cuts, styles or metals and share your preference. We will surely provide you ample of choices in that.

Thanks For Reading!

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