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Like other gemstones, lab-grown emeralds needs your attention to ensure you stand out as the center of attraction whenever you wear them.

Regular cleaning, proper storage, timely repair and protection, etc are some of the parameters that one needs to work on.

Your Lab-Grown Emeralds can last for centuries, here we will discuss everything that can be helpful.

But, before that a quick recap of your Lab Grown Emerald's Durability.

Durability of Lab Grown Emeralds

Lab grown emeralds are without a doubt, too durable. However many factors like the gemstone’s quality, it’s care, handling, and frequent usage actually affect the durability of the stone. These gemstones can be your forever partner if properly cared and stored.

To maintain it’s beauty and brilliance for long life, it should be safely cleaned, protected from chemicals and stored properly. Timeless charm of your gemstone can be maintained forever, if you handle it with care.

Your lab grown emerald gemstone is highly durable (with a rating of 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale of hardness) and can easily be chosen as everyday jewelry piece. Just follow below discussed pointers to help you enjoy the same.

Lab Grown Emerald’s Regular and Safe Cleaning

Regular and gentle cleaning of your lab grown emerald jewelry is necessary, as dirt and grime accumulate along the setting and prongs of any piece. This can affect brilliance of the gemstone. Depending on the type of setting, like simple and complex, one can clean the jewel piece at home or take the help of professionals (as expert cleaning involves ultrasonic or steam cleaners).

To avoid any damage to the gemstone, its important to ensure safe ways that can be helpful in cleaning. Harsh chemicals can cause damage to your gemstone, so considering cautious ways is necessary.

Effective and Safe Cleaning of Lab Grown Emerald Gemstone involves:

Easiest and efficient approach is cleaning gemstone at home in a mild soapy solution. This solution can be prepared by mixing Luke warm water and mild soap in a bowl. This mixture breaks down oils or residue that may have accumulated with time on jewelry’s surface.

Next step is soaking your gemstone in the prepared solution for 15-20 minutes. This time frame is required for loosening of debris.

Only a soft toothbrush should be used for scrubbing the gemstone. This step involves a gentle approach, so it must not be underestimated. Ensure that the areas around the prongs and settings are cleaned properly and gently.

After through scrubbing, your gemstone needs a quick wash. For this you should rinse the piece under running water.

Tips: A strainer can be used for safety, as the gemstone piece can slip from your hands, due to the soap residue.

High Pressure of the tap water can harm the gemstone, so keep it minimum.

Careful drying is the last step, which should be followed with a soft linen cloth. Ensure that it is completely dry, before storing it in jewelry box.

Storage plays a great role in maintaining the brilliance of gemstone, by protecting them from scratches or other damages. Each piece should be stored separately in a jewelry box with soft pouch or lined compartment. No contact with other pieces keeps your jewelry safe.

Proper Storage of Lab Grown Emerald’s is Very Important:

Lab grown gemstones should be stored carefully to maintain its shine for long. Proper storage helps in protecting the gemstone from scratches or other damages too. Here are a few tips that can be helpful:

  1. Every gemstone piece, whether it’s a ring or a pair of earrings, should be stored in a box. If you don't have jewelry box, then store each piece separately in a soft velvet cloth.

  2. If you wish to store all the jewel pieces together, then get a case which has lots of little compartments. Keep a check that these little spaces are lined by soft cloth, if not; then wrap each piece and store it.

Lab Grown Emerald’s Timely Repair

Timely repair of your gemstone jewel piece, can protect it from any happening or accident. Here is what you can do to:

Keep a check on setting or prongs that hold the gemstone. As with time sometimes prongs are broken, which leads to stone’s loosening. It’s better to take help of professionals instead of loosing them.

A number of times we are not aware of the wear and tear in any gemstone, so checking periodically is important.

Experts can help you in fixing prongs, replacing missing stones or polishing of the metal. So, visiting professional jewelers for expert cleaning is a good idea.

Lab Grown Emerald’s Protection Tips

  1. Lab grown emerald’s can be protected from wear and tear by understanding when to take the off. It’s better that you don't wear these pieces of jewelry during any harsh physical activities like exercising, gardening, playing, and sleeping.

  2. Protect them from harsh chemicals by removing them during swimming (as pool contains chlorinated water), applying lotions and creams, washing utensils, etc.

  3. Exposure to extreme temperatures should be avoided as it damages the gemstone.

  4. Never treat your lab grown emerald’s with chemicals, alcohol, acetone, or paint thinners. They can reduce its integrity and quality over time.

Wrapping Up:

Lab created emeralds are truly beautiful man made creations. Its rich green hue looks truly fascinating. However, to maintain it’s beauty and brilliance, it must be properly cared and delicately handled. As we discussed earlier, regular cleaning, proper storage, timely repair, and protection from wear and tear of your lab grown emerald jewelry. These are some of the necessary steps that should be taken. By following these expert tips by Vibrant Grown Labs you can keep your lab grown emerald gemstone jewelry shiny for a long time.

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